Test equipment production based on OEM-partnership

Test equipment production based on OEM-partnership

In modern conditions of doing business, OEM-production has become a profitable solution for entrepreneurs

Long-term experience and technological capabilities of our company let as make special OEM-partnership program in which we are happy to produce test equipment under YOUR trademark

At the launch of OEM-production you will get the finished product with full confirmation to all stages of technological cycle and quality control procedures according to your demands

We are also ready to develop and implement full cycle of manufacture “from scratch” including our help in choosing suitable components and their technical characteristics meeting your requirements, development of project documentation, making specification statements for equipment components, managing production process, branding, assembling and packaging and also testing and setting accuracy of test equipment

For OEM clients full technical support from specialists at all levels – from technical specialists to sales department specialists

The main advantages of working with our company are:

  • Saving money (on documentation development, producing, testing, acquiring productive capacities, personnel costs, renting/ purchasing of premises and other costs)
  • Decrease of current costs by 10-20%
  • Manufacturing of high quality equipment
  • Fast launch and strict control of production time
  • Experience in contract manufacturing
  • Technical support 24/7