Concentration transducers series C2P41 are designed for continuous control of target gases and substances in ambient air and data transmission through analog and digital interfaces

Special features:

  • Accurate and stable measurement
  • Easy to install and durable case IP65
  • Attached or remote sensor
  • Two configurable analog outputs 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
  • Digital interface RS485 Modbus RTU

Selection of equipment for the type of controlled substance:

  • Ethylene - C2P41-C2H4
  • Methane - C2P41-CH4
  • Carbon monoxide - C2P41-CO
  • Carbon dioxide - C2P41-CO2-10K C2P41-CO2-50K
  • Freons - C2P41-HFC
  • Ammonia - C2P41-NH3-1 C2P41-NH3-2
  • Oxygen C2P41-O2-1 C2P41-O2-2.

Tailored features are available upon request.

Sensor type
Target gas
Detection method
0,1 ppm C2H4 1 ppm C2H4 1 ppm C2H4
Detection range
0...10 ppm C2H4 (peak 20 ppm) 0...200 ppm C2H4 (peak 500 ppm) 0...1500 ppm C2H4 (пик 2000 ppm)
< 2 % signal
< 60 sec
Service interval
6 months
Sensor life
2 yaers
Warm-up time
≤ 1 min
11...30 В DC
Power consumption
< 2 ВА
Analog outputs
2 configurable analog outputs 4-20 mА or 0-10 V
Digital interface
RS485, protocol Modbus RTU
Полная проверка работоспособности при включении
Light-grey ABS plastic, protection level IP65
Overall dimensions
153 х 90 х 55 mm
Application area
industrial buildings, open air
Operating conditions
-20..+50 °C, 15...90 %RH, atmospheric pressure ±10%;not intended for explosive areas; not intended for severe mechanical influences, vibrations and EMR, not intended for aggressive environments